Pastor David and Rhonda in the autumn

Search for a new Senior Pastor

As announced on Friday 9 February 2024 by email and in-service on Sunday 11 February 2024, after fourteen years at Crossroads, David and Rhonda will be returning to Canada in the summer. You can read Pastor David’s letter to the congregation here.

Change Process and Search

Crossroads has a comprehensive policy to facilitate leadership change which is illustrated below.

The Board of Elders will keep the congregation up to date with what is happening, but if you have any questions you can contact the Elders directly, or speak to one of the pastors. It is normal to experience a range of emotions when a Pastor leaves, including worry or sorrow, but if you have questions or would like reassurance, please reach out.

Pastoral Search Process Diagram

Where we are

The Search Committee was announced on 17 March 2024 and is comprised of five Crossroads members including two elders. The Search Committee will keep the Board of Elders informed during the evaluation of candidates for the role of Senior Pastor. Each step of the process and every decision during the process is taken prayerfully.

As announced on 17 March 2024, the Interim Senior Pastor taking over from Pastor David in June will be Pastor Nico Hoogenraad, our current Associate Pastor.


Pastor David and Rhonda’s last Sunday will be 16 June 2024.

Applying for the role of Senior Pastor

Crossroads International Church of Basel is looking for a new Senior Pastor. Crossroads is an English-speaking, multinational and multi-denominational congregation. It’s a vibrant group of people with a large number of young families, children and youth.  

You can read the Opportunity Profile here for complete details.

To apply for this position, email a CV, cover letter and links to a recent sermon (audio or video) to

Pastor David Preaching