Welcome to Radiant Youth

Here at Crossroads Basel, we have a thriving youth ministry for ages 11-18. Activities include Sunday school, weekly meetings, spring retreats, summer camps, hiking trips and much more. Through our Radiant Creative program, we provide an avenue for students to express their God given talents in music and other arts.

We are an international community between the ages 11-18. We focus on the basics of Christianity, laying a foundation for helping students understand and communicate their faith.

Our Youth are empowered to navigate the challenges of living in a foreign culture, while providing an avenue for them to express their God given talents. All activities help foster strong, meaningful, and beneficial relationships with likeminded youth, while also learning about God and his plan for our lives. If you are an English speaking, and fun-loving youth open to learning about God, you certainly belong in our community.

If you have any questions about Radiant Youth, please contact the crossroads office.


weekly activities

every week we make time to connect and share this life journey together

bible study

Sunday mornings during the services at 9:30AM & 11:15AM

sunday hangout

5-7pm at the church

creative teams

youth retreats

Spring summer and Autumn

A Youth Perspective

Born to be Radiant

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