Privacy Statement

Personal information that Crossroads International Church of Basel gathers is only used for the purpose for which you gave it to Crossroads.

What is personal information?

Personal information is information that can be traced to a specific individual.
Example: the combination of a name and house address, or e-mail addresses including a name and information on donations that Crossroads has received, in combination with a name.

What we will and will not use your information for

Crossroads uses your personal information only for the purpose for which you have given it to Crossroads. We guarantee that your information will never be used for other purposes than giving you the right information about Crossroads and its activities. We will not record any income or wealth information of individual people to use for specific, individually-oriented fundraising for Crossroads. We will never sell your information or make it available to third parties to use for their own purposes.


We only register your personal information with your express consent, when Crossroads is legally required to do so or where Crossroads has a legitimate interest in recording and using the information. It is assumed that when people give personal information to Crossroads of their own free will, like names, phone numbers and e-mail addresses, in order to receive information from Crossroads, it also entails express consent to register their information for the purpose for which they gave it to Crossroads.


Crossroads might add information to the personal information you gave us, if it is suitable for the proper operation of the church and to know who is doing what. The additional information might, for example, be the ‘role’ that you undertake in the church at a later stage.
Example: when you start attending the church, we might record your name and e-mail address to send you our weekly updates called ‘Crossroads Compass’. Later on, when you become a home group leader, we would add you to a group of home group leaders. When we receive a birth announcement, we will add that you have a son or a daughter.
We use outside parties to manage and/or process your personal information, like a Cloud-based church administrative system and a payroll company. We have agreements in place with these outside parties that they will keep to the same privacy standard as outlined in this Privacy Statement.

Your rights

You have the right to file a complaint if you think we do not keep and process your personal information in the right way. You also have the right to know what we have recorded about you and the right to have this amended if there is information that is not correct. Furthermore, you have the right to request that we will delete or (if legal stipulations prevent that) anonymize your information. We refer you to the Crossroads Data Protection Policy that you may request for from our office. To contact Crossroads to exercise your rights, send an email to: or mail us a letter: Crossroads International Church of Basel, Reinacherstrasse 129, 4053 Basel.

Data Storage

By giving us your personal information, you give us permission to record it in our database and to use it for the purpose for which you gave it. As long as your relationship with Crossroads remains active, we will keep your personal information in our database. If we do not see you at Crossroads for an extended period (> 1 year), we will send you an email to ask if you still want to receive Crossroads information or not.
Just to be clear: you do not have to donate financially to Crossroads for us to send you information.

Which information?

Only the personal information that you give to us, or which comes to us in another passive way, will be stored in our database. ‘Another passive way’ might mean your bank account number and the size of your donations when you donate to Crossroads. All information is treated confidentially. Personal information is only released with your express permission. We do not give your personal information to third parties, unless we are required to do so on legal grounds and only to those parties permitted by Swiss and/or EU legislation.

Location information

If you enter location information on mobile apps or into programs by which you navigate to the church premises, this information will not be stored or used in any other way by Crossroads than the purpose for which you give this information. We cannot guarantee that this will not be done by apps or programs that you are using, as we do not have any influence over that.

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