What to expect?

We don’t necessarily want to spell it all out for you. But if you’re not a regular church goer, you might want to know beforehand what you’re getting in to when you come to the church service in Crossroads Basel.

What’s the atmosphere like ?

Expect a friendly, welcoming atmosphere. Come as you are; you don’t have to dress up formally to come to church. Do come expecting that we talk about the very issues of life, love, career, family and all the other things life is made up from. That is because we believe that faith and all the ordinary things in life have everything to do with each other.

When you arrive in the church building, someone from the Welcome Team will welcome you, and if necessary, answer your questions, point you the way and hand you any information you would like.

The Leadership Team

pastoral staff

board of elders

Partnering in Ministry

Crossroads stands on its own financial feet and relies on the commitment and generosity of its members and attenders. We are not part of a larger supporting organisation, nor is the church financed by church taxes.  Its member and regulars take care of the bills and make sure the church, the staff and all the volunteers can make the ministry of the church happen.

How can you donate to the church? There are a couple of ways you can give; choose the one that is best fitted for your situation:

  1. Bank transfer
    You can transfer your donation to the church’s bank account from anywhere in the world. When transferring from a Swiss or EU bank account, the IBAN number is sufficient: CH71 0077 0016 0413 0764 3 of Crossroads International Church of Basel, Reinacherweg 129, 4053 Basel, Switzerland. For bank transfers from outside of Switzerland or the EU, you might have to add the Swift-code for the bank: BKBBCHBB. Most banks will also allow you to set up a recurring transfer, like every month, quarter or year, so that you don’t have to remember to make the transfer every time.
  2. Online
    You can donate online in our ‘Webshop’ and click on the ‘Giving’ icon picture. In the next screen you can determine how much you want to give by adding the right amounts and in the payment screen, fill in your information and your credit card particulars.
  3. Twint
    This is a Swiss payment method with an app on your phone. Open the app, scan the QR code, type in the amount you want to give, confirm it and done. We don’t get to see who donated through Twint, so this is a very private form of giving.
  4. Cash
    You can put cash in the offering basket during the Sunday services. Or alternatively (but less safe), you can deposit your envelope with cash in the mailbox of the office.
  5. Payment terminal
    Before and after the Sunday services, you can give through debit cards, credit cards, Apple Pay, Google Pay with our Sumup payment terminal. Alternatively, scan the Twint QR code that is displayed at the church and give with Twint.
  6. Donations
    Mostly not deductible for tax purposes in Switzerland. However, if you are a taxpayer in the USA, Germany, the UK, or the Netherlands, there is a way to give to the church so that your donation is deductible from your income in those countries. If you are interested, please contact the church office and we’ll send you the appropriate information
Thank you for considering making the ministry of Crossroads International Church of Basel possible with your financial contributions!
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Frequent Asked Questions