Crossroads International Church of Basel
Reinacherstrasse 129 (3rd Floor)
4053 Basel
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Contact the Crossroads Office:
Phone: +41 61 331 70 10
Hours: Tuesday-Friday from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM (no meetings on-site)

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How to get to Crossroads

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Note: extensive roadworks starting on Monday, 19 August 2019 will affect public transport & car routes to Crossroads. Please click here for more information about the roadworks as this may affect the accuracy of the instructions below.

Public Transport

The nearest stop, Leimgrubenweg, is accessible by Tram 16 and Bus 36, 37 and 47 (Bus 37 only on Monday-Friday). The stop is a 2-minute walk from Crossroads.

The next nearest stop (around a 6-minute walk from Crossroads) is Dreispitz, which is accessible by Tram 10 and 11 in addition to the aforementioned buses. Dreispitz can also be accessed by the S3 Regio S-Bahn Train.

Car and Parking

Follow the signs in the direction of “Dreispitz”.

Please note that there are very limited parking spaces on Reinacherstrasse (the street in front of the entrance to Crossroads. As such, we recommend parking in the Parkhaus on Leimgrubenweg (indicated by the letter “P” on the image above – around a 4-minute walk from Crossroads) or the parking lot at the M Parc (Migros) shopping centre (around a 6-minute walk from Crossroads).

Walking up to Crossroads

Crossroads is located inside the red building (with the label “Gewerbehaus” on top of the entryway) on Reinacherstrasse. Enter through the automatic sliding doors and take the lift/elevator or stairs to floor number 3.