Who Are You Walking With?

Become wise by walking with the wise;    hang out with fools and watch your life fall to pieces. (Proverbs 13:20) As parents, we watch who our children hang out with. We know that peer groups are a significant factor in how our children behave or the activities they participate in. Running with the wrong crowd always leads to trouble. The same truth applies to adults. Who we spend time with matters. Our friend group has a powerful impact on us, so we must choose our friends wisely. Most of us have a desire to serve God and live a life for him. To help us with that goal we need people who share that desire so that we can encourage one another to keep moving in a positive direction. Of course, we shouldn’t cut ourselves off from people who aren’t like us. It’s not a matter of isolation. We can be salt and light to the world around us. It’s really a matter of where we invest that time and who we allow to speak into our lives. Our values and our lifestyle are reinforced when we hang out with like-minded people. As the teacher says, we become wise by walking with the wise. Evaluating our peer group as an adult is challenging. But taking stock of the influences around us is essential. Are they heading to the same destination you are?