Kids are brutally honest

A young father was taking time to teach his son about what a Christian should be like. The kind of character and behavior they should show. The father got a stab that he never forgot when the brief talk was over. The little boy asked, “Dad, have I ever met one of these Christians?”

Children have a fantastic way of getting straight to the point, sometimes painfully so. They can see through the illusions that adults so often create. Their use of honest questions can make us uncomfortable. Throughout his ministry, Jesus had a way of elevating people whom the rest of society didn’t usually see, including children.

When parents brought their children to him, the disciples – ever concerned with being important – sought to send them away. Jesus took the opportunity to teach the importance of children to the kingdom. “‘Let the children come to me. Don’t stop them! For the Kingdom of Heaven belongs to those who are like these children.”  And he placed his hands on their heads and blessed them before he left.’ (Matthew 19:14-15)

It was a simple act. It took only a few minutes but, in that moment, Jesus bestowed incredible value upon children throughout all generations. How often are children considered to be a bother or a problem by adults doing important stuff? Value to God isn’t based on age or productivity.

Children aren’t the future of the church; they are a vital part of the church. They are rich gifts, given to remind us that we too are children of our heavenly father. They have much to teach us about simple faith and trust. Sometimes, adults get too busy to acknowledge children. Make it a practice to let them know you see them and care for them. Learn the names of some children in the church or neighborhood. Give thanks for the young lives full of potential. Take a moment to let them know God loves them and so do you. “For the kingdom of heaven belongs to those who are like these children.”