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Pig Kidneys & Wisdom

The University of Basel was founded in 1460 with approval from the Pope. It originally offered studies in four areas – arts, medicine, law, and theology. The emergence of universities, like most education in the Western world, came from the church. There was a growing thirst for knowledge. Knowledge of God and his creation. Areas of study in today’s humanities can be traced back to the early studies in theology. They were rooted in the study of God. Today, enrollment … Continue reading “Pig Kidneys & Wisdom”

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When God is Silent

There are troubling days when we search for answers and God seems to be silent. We pray and we call on him, but the heavens are still. Sometimes we get the impression from preachers and other Christians that there is a simple formula for getting answers to prayer. We have come to believe that we shouldn’t have to struggle for solutions or wait for our miracle. But life doesn’t always operate that way, and that can be unsettling. Peter Greig … Continue reading “When God is Silent”

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The Attitude of the Mind

Every morning two men, both psychiatrists, rode the same elevator in their office building at the same time. One of them would get off on the 5th floor and the other on the 9th. Everyone morning as the first psychiatrist was about to get off the elevator, he would turn and spit at the second psychiatrist. This man would then pull out a handkerchief and wipe off his face. This was in the days when there was an elevator operator … Continue reading “The Attitude of the Mind”