Tomorrow’s Worries

One of the downsides of modern technology is that we are aware of what is happening, in real time, at any point around the world. Where it once took weeks for news of a natural disaster or war to reach us, we now can watch it as it happens.  It gets a little overwhelming to see so many storms, earthquakes, wars, and political crises. What can we do about it? On top of that, we all have our own troubles and challenges which weigh us down and bring discouragement.

Jesus knows we worry about such things. We can especially become focused on our own situation and needs. He counsels us, “Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.” (Matthew 6:34)

Jesus isn’t saying that the problems in life or in the world are unimportant. No one cares more about these things and how they impact people than God himself. What he is saying is that we should not take on more burdens than we can handle. Recognizing our limitations is important and means we understand that we are human. We can’t handle all the information that comes our way each and every day. What we can and should do, is deal with what we have today. But we shouldn’t get too far ahead of ourselves, there is no peace found in that.

Jesus is present with us today in our moment of need. While we don’t know what challenges will come tomorrow, we can be certain that he will still be with us and helping us through that day as well. That’s enough to give us peace.