Hitting The Wall

Long distance runners, so I am told, talk about ‘hitting the wall.’ It refers to that point in the race where there is suddenly great fatigue and a loss of energy such that they can’t seem to go on. If they can endure through that moment and push on, there is some recovery and they are able to finish the race.

In our current COVID-19-shaped life, many of us are starting to feel like we are hitting the wall. We have been good soldiers, dealing with all the events that have come our way. We have tried to be positive, we have honored social distancing, learned to work from home while tutoring our children and even missed out on some important life events. We have sought to keep a normal life as much as possible. But we are starting to feel the fatigue and we can’t yet see the finish line.

We can experience ‘hitting the wall’ in a number of ways. Physically, our bodies get tired and exhausted as the stress inside us takes its toll. For some of us, it’s getting harder to think. We are mentally trying to calculate every possibility and we can’t manage the uncertainty. Emotions are starting to give way as we add up all of our losses. An overwhelming sense of grief can cast a shadow over our day. In our spiritual lives, we might be struggling to feel like our faith is strong enough. We may be wondering where God is.

One thing that has become clear in the last few weeks is that we are not running a 100-meter dash. This is a marathon and we have to recalibrate our expectations for this. At first, we thought it would be over quickly. It’s not going to be. So now we need to find a new pace, a new speed which will allow us to continue living well.

It has become more important than ever that we practice good mental, physical and emotional health. If you find yourself struggling with this battle then pause, take a few deep breaths and reach out for some help. You can contact me or one of the pastoral staff if you need someone to talk with.

Finally, whether or not we are feeling weak or strong in our faith, it is always helpful to just sit in God’s presence.

Those who wait on the Lord
Shall renew their strength;
They shall mount up with wings like eagles,
They shall run and not be weary,
They shall walk and not faint. (Isaiah 40:31)

God is the everlasting creator who never sleeps or slumbers and is able to give strength to the weary. He will guide you through this time.