3 Ways To Worship While You Work

When we talk about worship, most people tend to think about the Sunday morning service.  In particular, they think about the songs which are sung. But worship on Sunday morning is about so much more. Our coming together should represent an overflow of what is already happening in our hearts. When we gather corporately, we express our praise and adoration for God – something we have preparing in our spirit all week – together.
It’s important that we find ways to worship during the busyness of our weekly activities, even at our workplace. Here are a few ways you can incorporate more worship into your daily activities:
1. Read a psalm. The book of Psalms is the church’s original hymn book. For centuries, it has guided God’s people into his presence. Full of rich language and imagery, it has the power to redirect our focus and helps us lift our eyes toward heaven. Most of the psalms are short but manage to find the words we need to express to God. With versions of the Bible available online or on your phone, it’s never been easier to take a couple minutes and look up a psalm. But instead of just reading it, pray it. Offer it to God as your prayer.
2. Listen to Christian worship music. Some people like to have background music playing as they work. Others listen to music on the tram as they head into work. I recently discovered that my car radio has a Bluetooth connection allowing me to listen to music playing on my phone. Some people like contemporary worship choruses. Others enjoy the great hymns of the past. It’s never been easier to find what you enjoy and listen to it. Listening to worship music edifies the soul and changes our attitude.
3. Give thanks. There is more to worship than just praise and thanksgiving, but I believe much of our worship begins with this. The Psalmist said, “Enter his gates with thanksgiving and his courts with praise; give thanks to him and praise his name.” (Psalm 110:4) How often during the day do you complain about something? The conditions at work, the people around you, your busy schedule, aches and pains…When you find yourself complaining, stop and find something you can thank God for. The Bible reminds us over and over that we are blessed with many spiritual blessings even in the midst of hardship. So thank God for his Word, for your salvation, for the spiritual gifts he has given and for his loving kindness. When we cultivate a heart of thanksgiving, it keeps our spirit soft and open to the things of God.
Getting to church Sunday morning can be a real struggle, but it helps when we have been preparing our hearts all throughout the week. Incorporating some simple acts of worship from Monday to Saturday will transform your Sunday morning experience.

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