Who Are You Trusting?

Shortly before Christmas I entered an electronics store in France and was searched by a security guard before I could go in. It wasn’t that I looked suspicions or anything; they were doing that to everyone. Safety and security has become a big issue in this part of the world.
So much of our lives now deal with issues of protection in one way or another. Living next door to two other countries I am never without my identification cards. I’m not always stopped when crossing a border but need to be prepared if I am.
Many people have alarms in their house or cars. We have multiple passwords that we can’t remember in order to access various accounts on the internet. Credit card companies are coming out with ever more layers of security to prevent theft and fraud. Going through airports these days is an ordeal for the bravest among us. Public spaces in most major European cities are now monitored by dozens of security cameras.
For all the work and effort going into keeping us safe I have a sense that most of us are feeling less secure about a whole host of things. We understand the need for increased surveillance in public places and when travelling; vigilance is needed. But we can’t help but wonder if it is enough.
Security and safety have always been a concern. In ancient times cities were surrounded with walls in order to keep citizens safe and enemies out. Each city needed its own army and had to be prepared for battle at any time. It is sad that our world remains dangerous and there are people willing to cause harm.
As necessary are these measures are, we Christians need to ultimately realize that our trust and security is in the Lord. The Psalmist writes: “Some trust in chariots and some in horses, but we trust in the name of the Lord our God.” (Psalm 20:7)
I don’t know what lies ahead for 2016. There is certainly no end of hot spots that could erupt at any moment. The world may become an even more dangerous place. We can have a peace in the midst of all this. Our trust is in the Lord and we couldn’t have a better protector.

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