He was warned. But he got eaten by the alligator anyway.

A marina owner recently put up a sign next to the bayou, “Beware of Alligator.” The twelve-foot-long reptile had been seen lurking about the area. Alligators are common in that part of Texas but don’t usually hang around developed areas. Local people were advised to be careful and everyone had been staying out of the water.

But one young man ignored the warning. Two of the marina employees told the 28 year old that it would be dangerous to go for a swim. But he went anyway. Horrified, his girlfriend watched as the alligator grabbed the man and carried him underwater. It was the first time in 179 years that someone has been killed by an alligator in Texas. Sadly, it didn’t have to happen.

What is it about human nature that refuses to take warnings seriously? Despite the risks, people do careless things every day that endanger themselves and others.

In Genesis 4 we read about two brothers, Cain and Abel. Cain was angry with his brother because Abel’s sacrifice to God had been accepted and his wasn’t. God sought to help Cain deal with this issue and then warns him about harboring anger in his spirit.  “Sin is crouching at your door; it desires to have you, but you must rule over it.” (Genesis 4:7)

God warns Cain about the dangers of sin. Sin is waiting for Cain, ready to pounce on him. Cain needs to be alert or he may wind up doing something terrible. But he doesn’t listen. Instead he ignores the danger and kills his brother.

As believers we have many blessings in Christ. Over the years we grow stronger in discipleship and maturity. But beware: sin is crouching at your door. We should never dismiss this warning. It’s why we need to be on guard at all times. Examine your heart regularly and watch out for sin that wants to overpower you. God gave us a warning in the early chapters of the Bible and it still applies.

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