Ask, and it will be given to you

I was the quiet kid in class, the one who didn’t like to raise his hand. I never wanted to volunteer an answer in case I was wrong. But what was worse was that I

never wanted to ask a question for clarification even when I didn’t understand what the teacher was saying.  I just couldn’t bring myself to voice a question.

It’s taken me many years to understand some things about myself. This I know – I have trouble asking for help. That’s no surprise to the people who know me best. I guess I don’t want to appear foolish or weak. As if asking for help means someone is weak. Ironically, my inability to ask for help is one of my greatest weaknesses.

It’s funny because I admire people who can ask for help. I don’t view them as weak or needy but rather honest, direct and straightforward. But when I step up to ask for help I am fearful and incredibly self-conscience. It’s as if my throat closes and refuses to let out a sound.

So when I come to Matthew 7:7 I have a struggle: “Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you.”

Jesus makes it so simple. The way of the Kingdom, the way of salvation is simply to ask. Jesus calls me to slow down and humbly admit that I live much of my life with unanswered and unknown things. I have a long list of questions I want to ask and questions I want answers to. Jesus is willing to help me with those questions if I am willing to trust his leadership and guidance. He reminds us that God is like a Father “who knows how to give good things to those who ask him.” (7:11)

Some people are afraid to ask because they were taught not to. Others simply talk too much and love sharing their own wisdom so much that they don’t have time to ask a question. There are people who have asked their questions before and felt condemned by others and so have stopped asking. Whatever our reasons, whatever our sinful conditions, we must keep on asking our questions to Jesus.

So ask Jesus to help you ask.  You don’t have to have the perfect words. Just speak your question to him. If you can’t, just ask him to help you. And remember that he is always the first answer to our question. His presence in the midst of our unsolved questions is the first step to resolution. 

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