This weekend, in many places around the world, is the end of day light savings time. Early Sunday morning the time will change, it goes back one hour. Ah, blessed sleep!

Time zones can change but also the times change.

We aren’t living in 1982 anymore, the world around is very different. The political issues of the day, the technology we use, and the economic powers in the world – these have all changed. Some of the changes have been for the better and others perhaps have been not so good. It can be hard to adapt to the changes going on around us.

But people change as well; there is change going on inside of us. I’m not the same person I was in 1982. At least I hope not. I don’t want to be judged today based on the kind of person I was then. I have grown and matured. That’s the wonderful thing about our human nature, we can change. Change however isn’t easy. I think it gets harder the older we get and yet we tend to notice more things that need to be altered.

Christian discipleship is about growth and change. God is changing us, transforming us, into the image or likeness of his son Jesus. This process won’t be complete until we reach heaven but we can still see incredible transformation here and now. The Holy Spirit is at work in us producing the character that is pleasing to God.

I’m glad I’m being transformed but have to admit that many times it is painful. Growth, even good growth, can be excruciating. Some days I wonder if it’s worth it. But of course it is. Staying the same with all my sins and imperfection is worse. While I know that I have changed some days I feel like I’m right back at the beginning. There are days when I feel like I haven’t made any progress in this thing called the ‘Christian walk.’ There are days when I feel like I’m a child all over again full of selfishness and immaturity.

That’s why it is important to remember that while we still fail and are slow to change God doesn’t give up on us. Paul says, “I am certain that God, who began the good work within you, will continue his work until it is finally finished on the day when Christ Jesus returns.” That encourages me because it tells me that God is committed to my progress and that the work is his. Of course, I need to cooperate with him but ultimately I can’t change myself. I can only place myself before the presence of God and know that he is working in me. I know that he is also working in you. Let’s be encouraged by that thought today.

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