Directions for Life

When people ask what Crossroads Basel is all about I say, “Direction for Life and Friends for the Journey.”  We are

all looking for direction in our life. Every day we face choices and have decisions to make. Every so often we stand at a crossroads and need to know which road is the right one for us.

The Bible refers to a number of different roads or pathways we can choose – the path of life, the path of righteousness, paths that wander aimlessly, the path with thorn bushes, the path of the wicked, the walk of the evildoers, the path of the upright, the path of peace, and paths that lead by the still waters.

But really there are just two main paths. Jesus talked about them in the gospels, the broad and narrow path. The broad path is marked by a wide gate and it leads to destruction. The narrow way is marked by a small gate and it leads to life. (Matthew 7:13-14) Jesus’ teaching leads us to conclude that everyone is on one of these paths. Where it leads is important.

I often have conversations with people who aren’t sure which path they are on. They want eternal life but aren’t sure they can find it. They want to know what they must do. I remind them that the way to get on the narrow path is through the gate – Jesus. It’s only by going through him we can be sure of being on the right path. More than that, I believe that Jesus is also our guide. He wants to help us on the journey, the journey to know him better. It’s when we wander to far from Jesus that we get in trouble. Direction for life comes from the one who is “the way, the truth and the life!”

We’re starting a new season this Sunday at Crossroads. If you are in Basel I hope you can join us for a great day together. 

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